How to Buy a Mobility Scooter - The In's & Out's of Choosing the Right Scooter

Being one of the leaders in the market, we know a thing or two about scooters. We chose the brands we carry because they too are leaders in the scooter world. So, if you are in the market for a scooter, you are in the right place!

Who Needs a Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters, also known as power scooters are a perfect option for people who want to maintain independence but need a little assistance getting around. Shopping, day trips, doctor appointments, vacations, walking the dog, checking the mail – these are all activities that purchasing a mobility scooter can assist with.

Here is a list of the different types of power scooters that you'll want to consider:

Standard & Full-size Power Scooters – Full-size scooters work well in larger indoor spaces as well as outdoors. Models range from 4 mph up to 10 mph with varying battery ranges and weight capacities of 300 – 500 pounds.

 3 Wheel - considered safe and stable, 3-wheel scooters are able to turn in tighter spaces than a 4 wheel.

 4 Wheel - 4-wheel scooters have a wider wheel base allowing more room for your feel, additional stability on inclines and varying terrains. 

Recreational - Recreational scooters are usually a lot faster, bigger and a lot more fun (and stylish) to ride. In addition to added comfort and style, recreational scooters have superb suspension and extra battery capacity. 

Folding - Lightweight, Compact, Easy-folding. Travel scooters are ideal for all forms of travel - car, plane or train. Their compact size and light weight make them exceedingly maneuverable. When not in use they fold into a compact storage form that effortlessly transits airports, hotels and easily fits in car trunks. With base widths from 18" to 19", these travel scooters can go where most other mobility scooters cannot.

 Compact / Transportable – Compact transportable scooters generally feature lightweight construction that is easy to disassemble and fit into most trunks and back seats. This means that you can use your compact scooter and easily take it apart without tools. They are comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their portability and ease of use mean that there is usually no need for any kind of trailers, lifts or other devices in order to transport your scooter.

 Heavy Duty / High Weight Capacity – These scooters feature weight capacities of up to 400 & 500 pounds and have a wider seat for added comfort.

One thing you should know is that we do not recommend scooters for use inside the home. Even the smallest scooters are challenging to navigate around furniture and to turn into a room from a hallway. If you need full-time mobility assistance to include inside the home, you will want to consider a power wheelchair.

 Before we get into the details of picking out your perfect scooter, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Where will you be riding your mobility scooter? Mainly indoors or outdoors as well?

Compact transportable scooters with their smaller wheel diameters are recommended only for smooth, man-made surfaces like tile, carpet, asphalt, smooth unbroken concrete and pea-sized or smaller gravel. They may not perform well or may not perform at all on grass.

If the turning radius is small and passageways small, see compact scooters otherwise, you can consider a standard, midsize scooter.

 While 3-wheel scooters with their smaller turning radiuses allow for better maneuvering in tight spaces, 4-wheel models deliver a superior ride, don't feel "tippy" and also are only a little more expensive than the 3-wheel variety. 

When riding your scooter outside, what is the terrain like? Are there inclines? Is it paved, grassy, or rough? You'll need to consider the durability of the scooter based on your answers.

If you are outside where the terrain is hilly, grassy or rough – you'll want to consider the extra durability and ride comfort of 4-wheel, full-sized scooter.

How much do you weigh? This is actually the most important consideration when choosing your scooter. If you want your scooter to last, keep a battery charge, go up inclines, carry bags when shopping, then choosing a scooter that can handle your weight capacity is most important. Once you get to 90% of a scooters weight capacity, you'll start to see issues such as the scooter not able to climb hills, circuit breaker popping, poor battery range and more.

If you are close to the scooter's weight limit, consider what it will be if you also carry objects, if you are close, you will need to choose a scooter with an increased weight limit. Again, weight capacity is THE MOST important consideration when choosing your scooter.

When considering scooter weight capacity, also think about comfort. If you are going to be sitting in the seat for long periods of time, you will need the extra comfort of a larger seat. 

Adhering to the weight limit of the scooter enables you to ride safely and maximizes scooter performance. 

Exceeding a scooters weight capacity puts excessive strain and wear on the scooter motor and parts. This will void the warranty!

Are you going to transport your scooter in your car? If so, you'll want to look at transportable scooters. There are two types, folding scooters and transportable which disassemble. A major consideration here is the weight of scooter parts. Typically, scooters break down into 4 pieces. The heaviest piece weighs around 30 pounds. Also, will the pieces fit in your trunk? Don't worry, we have images and dimensions for our transportable scooters so you can make sure that it is an option that will work for you.

Is comfort important to you? If you will be using your scooter the majority of the time, comfort options should be considered. Seating, armrests, and accessories can make your scooter more comfortable.

What about style? There is nothing wrong with wanting to "ride in style"! We have scooter options that are stylish such as our recreational scooters that are the way to go if you are looking for comfort, mobility, and style.

 We hope you found this information helpful for choosing the right power scooter for you. Living Well Stores is proud to offer the best extended warranty offer on our scooters IN THE MARKET! If you have any questions regarding your scooter purchase, please contact us at or (800) 704-8432 or

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