Breg Parts

Living Well Stores is an authorized dealer for Breg and can provide all parts for Breg orthopedic braces. If you're in need of pads, refurbishment kits or other parts related to a Breg orthopedic brace product, contact Breg customer service directly at 800- 897-2734. They will help you identify the item(s) that fit your particular brace and provide you with exact part numbers.

Once you have the part number, you can search our online store by that Breg part number to find the exact parts you need.

Buy with confidence

Because of the vast number of parts offered, the description shown here of the part can be vague or unclear. There are no pictures available for most parts. However, should you purchase a service part after getting the part number from Breg and find that it's not right for any reason, we'll take it back and refund your purchase price.