FreeRiderUSA / Luggie Store

FreeRiderUSA / Luggie Store

FreeRider USA the maker of Luggie and FR scooters commitment is to provide customers with convenient mobility in daily life. FreeRider USA offers the following scooters: 

Luggie - Folding scooters (FreeRider USA is the pioneer & leader in the folding scooter industry.

Power Chair - The power chair adopted the Luggie mechanical advantages for customers who have limited wrist capability. Traction ability is improved beyond normal power chairs and the joystick has a feather-light touch. 

FR Scooter - All FR scooters have a battery range of 20+ miles on one charge! They are well-equipped with a delta handle, large seat, LED lighting, PU tires, 360-degree turn seats. 

Have questions about which scooter is best for you? Contact our scooter experts at 1-800-704-8432 today!