Considering Function AND Form when Shopping for Home Health Products

Form is as important as function

We came across this fascinating article from the prestigious Pew Research Center about Technology use among seniors seniors . It confirms what we already know about our customers- that they are by no means stereotypical geriatric luddites who don't understand or appreciate technology.

The article spends a bit of time using smartphone ownership as one indicator of technology sophistication. The share of adults ages 65 and up who own smartphones has risen massively since 2013. These days technology goes hand-in-hand with good design.

Smartphones have become more than nice-to-haves. Not only are they the primary why folks communicate, and not only are they used for shopping but they're often fashion statements after a fashion. We buy snazzy cases for them, personalize them with family pictures and install all kinds of useful apps.

We think this is really important and carries over to the products you'll find here. You tell us that you care about features, performance and getting the most value for your money. That's why besides the standard scooter basket accessory, you're going to find cellphone and tablet holders that mount to your scooter. You're going to find clever storage compartments on scooters.

Manufacturers are listening too. For example, the new Revo 2.0 scooter from Pride Mobility has a USB charging port. We don't often recommend scooters for use in the house. They're just too big and turning radiuses make getting from hallways into rooms challenging. But the Jazzy Zero Turn Four Wheel scooter has an amazing 38 turning radius. Compare that to a popular three wheeled scooter like the Scout 3 scooter from Drive Medical which has 45 turning radius. The Zero Turn gets away with its diminutive turning radius via a clever front-wheel turning mechanism. Check out the video here.

While pricey at $650, The Nitro Elite Carbon Fiber rollator from Drive Medical is definitely not your father's rollator. All of the Nitro rollators are trend-forward products but the Nitro CF's carbon fiber construction gets you a rollator that tips the scales at a stunning 12 lbs while accommodating users up to 325 lbs. Carbon fiber construction means it virtually indestructible.

So here's the message. When you're on the hunt for products to help you participate in life better, you don't have to settle. Do be a discerning shopper. Consider form as you consider function.

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